.:: how you explain about LOVE in english? ::.

LOVE [ indonesian calls "cinta" ] is the famous and wonderful word that in whole of the world everyone knows about LOVE

i'm indonesian [ that's sure] but i'm feeling when I spoke the word of LOVE, i get a mysterious feeling when i speak it in english.


I LOVE U.......anyone who say it, not see who is said. boy, girl, man, woman, male, female, black hair, white skin, tall, ugly, or anything that can make someone different will not change the meaning of LOVE.

you can say LOVE with ur body too.

ups sorry, we return to the title of this thread...how u explain about LOVE?

this is my example

LOVE is the combination of you, he/she and GOD. when u give ur LOVE to he/she, just GOD who know about it.

and so?

how about u?

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